App Review – Paper

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App Review – Paper

Today’s App review is Paper by FiftyThree

This App has being in the top downloaded Apps for this past month and comes highly recommended. The basic concept is a drawing App and I must admit it is nothing but beautiful and very original.

While I do like the idea I have very limited drawing skills and these kind of App just don’t really work for me. My big objection to the App is that although it is free to download the in-app purchases are quite expensive. Each brush set costs an extra 1.79 so to have full functionality within the App it will cost €7.78 and I do believe there are cheaper alternatives out there.

While it is expensive it is worth checking out the free version while it wasn’t for me it may be what your looking for and from what I have seen of it the App is really nicely designed and user friendly.

To get the App you can download it from HERE