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App Review – My Page

Today’s App review is My Page by Lukas Boehler

I had had my eye on this App for quite a while but wasn’t sure if I could spend €6.99 on it so when it was free for a day I was quick to jump onboard and click the download button.

This App totally simplifies web design and I must admit it does a really good job. My students learn WordPress and although I would consider that quite easy this App does just as good a job. You can create pages, upload images, add themes and more with this App and almost instantly have a really good website.

What I have found it really useful for is for creating a mobile version of a website. Creating one on an iOS device is better than having to check compatibility and it works fairly well.

It can also integrate with social media pages.

I would recommend this to those who may be new to web design and want to try out and learn basic skills. While at €6.99 I was previously reluctant to give it a go I would say if it is within your budget then definitely give it a try. If not wait and I am sure they will have an offer again sometime.

You can download the App from HERE