App Review – Rat on a Snowboard.

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App Review – Rat on a Snowboard.

Today’s App Review is Rat on a Snowboard by Donut Games.

Turn back time to about a year ago and I discovered Donut Games first rat game called Rat on a Skateboard. Incredibly addictive and a great time waster I used to play the App on my daily commute to work. I would hop on the train start playing and before I knew it I was home. There have been few games that do that job so well and that is certainly one of them.  However, I played it so much I finished the whole thing multiple times. Imagine my delight to find they released a new version called Rat on a Snowboard.

Both games work the same way you have a character rat who you have to guide along on a skateboard/ snowboard collecting donuts and cheese and other bonus prices. The main aim is to see how long you can last before crashing or falling off your skateboard.When I suggest this game to people the reaction is usually ‘eww I don’t wanna play with a rat’ but he really is a cute little guy.

Both Apps cost 79cent but you get value for your money because it takes a lot of time to finish. Be warned though it is insanely addictive.

To get the App go here