App Review – Special Needs Apps.

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App Review – Special Needs Apps.

Because of my past work with Irish Deaf Kids as well as experience teaching special needs classes and giving talks on Apps for accessibility I am often asked for the best App for Autism or the best App for literacy development….

It is hard to know the best App but the one thing you can do is steer people in the right direction. In the past I would tell people to check out the award winning Irish made Grace App or Proloque2go but now there are so many more Apps out there it is hard to have a preference.

All I ever do now is recommend a few and tell people to research themselves. There is a special needs section in the App store and I also came across this AMAZING Google Doc which I cannot take credit for but keep passing it around and would encourage others to do so. It lists recommended Apps and Books for Special Needs learners. You can get it here.

Additionally there is one App that I would also recommend it is called Autism Apps by Touch Autism.

This isn’t an App for Autism but a database that recommends appropriate Apps for example you can click on Alphabet and it will bring up results of suitable Alphabet Apps as well as their descriptions, price, previews and link to the iTunes store.

The App is free and I think it is a good place to start instead of diving into the gigantic and ever expanding iTunes App store.

You can get the App here.