App Review – Tangled FX

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App Review – Tangled FX

Today’s App Review is Tangled HD by Orange Qube. After trying so many different photo-editing Apps it is hard to be impressed and many do the same thing. Tangled is definitely my new favourite photo App and the effects offered are pretty cool.

All you need to get started is a photo which can come from your camera roll or you can take a new one. After loading the photo you can choose from 16 different effects. Each effect is visibly different and transforms even the most basic of photos into a visual masterpiece.

My favourite effects are “the dark side” and “b&w etching” which transform your photographs into a blend of fibres and colours.

The effects offered are definitely ones I have not seen offered in other Apps and you get a large selection for €1.79

There is also social media integration so you can show off your creations.
To download the App visit HERE