App Review – Past Papers

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App Review – Past Papers

Today’s App Review is Past Papers by JoyIt. For any Irish second level student past or present who has used sample example papers they end up being expensive and quite a handful to carry. I have seen them online free but that requires you to print them off or transfer to a device which is time consuming when you are trying to study.

For just €3.59 this App features all past papers for Junior Cert, Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied levels. I bet you wouldn’t get many past papers in stores for that. As well as also including marking schemes the App includes any required audio materials which is a definite bonus. It is very easy to search and find the subjects that you want and a great feature is that you can also ‘turn off’ subjects you are taking so you don’t have to shuffle through science papers if you are looking for geography or vice versa. You can also bookmark pages for later if you want to mark a place.

Once you start the App for the first time there is no content within it but the App quickly retrieves data from the official website so you are guaranteed the content is official.

You don’t have to be a student to need this App it is also great for second level teachers as well as grinds teachers or even parents or even if a student leaves there papers in school – this will end all ‘I couldn’t do my homework cause I forgot my papers” excuses!! It also saves the expensive of having to buy a new set each year as the App will update when the official database of papers does.

So forget that trip to the shops and instead download the papers from HERE