App Review – Teacher Kit

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App Review – Teacher Kit

Teacher Kit app by ITWorx for iPhone/ iPad is an app I have been waiting for for a very long time and I only wish I had discovered it sooner.
Anyone sick of roll books and endless sheets of paper? Last year I thought I was doing well trying to take attendance in notes app. Well, it was a start but the notes ended up pretty jumbled up in the end.

This app is perfect and stores all the student data you could need in just one app. If anyone is useless at remembering students nameshis is also a great app. The app comes with desks which you give a student name. You can tell who sits where and can even add the students picture if you want. I am terrible at remembering names and often resort to ‘you’, ‘she’, ‘that person’, ‘him’….. this way I can remind myself and hopefully learn faster.

There are unlimited numbers of classes so you just name, your class and add the students from that class. Taking attendance has never been easier just a simple click on the persons name. What’s better is that you can pull up a persons name and see what days that have been absent. Much faster than going through pages on a roll book.

You can also add notes to students so if an incident occurs it can be recorded. Of course there is also a section for grades.

Some teachers may question the confidentiality of this. Personally I don’t see the big difference you can just as easily mislay a roll book as you could a phone but for that extra reassurance you can add a password lock to the app. You can’t exactly do that to a paper book now can you?
Another fear maybe losing all the data through app crashes etc. Good news is there is integration with email and dropbox so the backup options are always there.

I am looking forward to using the app this year and have already set up my first class. I am looking forward to having my attendance with me whenever I go it will be a lot better for classes and meetings instead of the ‘oh no I forgot the roll book’ excuse I have often given after walking out in the morning without it.

And to seal the deal the app is 100% free so can’t hurt to try!

Get the app here