Bangalore day 20

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Bangalore day 20

Friday 21st August.

Today we sneaked down for breakfast fearful of what Mrs Katary would say about our hampi disaster.

She completed ignored it and we ended up telling her. Surprisingly she didn’t get angry.

That day I spent the day with Daniel. We went to MG road to the book store where we bought some really cheap notebooks then to cavery gift shop but they didn’t have anything good. Then I convinced him to go to hard rock so I could get some pins. Arriving there I was surprised at the cost the pins cost more than at home and averaged at 1000rupees each way. They definitely were not Indian prices and I would be surprised if many Indian people could afford them.

After that we went for lunch at a place recommended by Mrs Katary. Unlike most buffets there was no vegetarian option so we both reluctantly ate the meat. A big mistake my stomach would later regret. Luckily I was around but Daniel flew home that night so he may not have been as fortunate.

That night we ate at chowka. It is about 2 min from our house and we decided to try it. It was quite a strange experience. You are given about 10 metal bowls with sauces and naan bread etc as soon as you finish a bowl they top it up. All you can eat for the equivalent of 1.50euro.

After we planned to go for  drink but it was dry day (no alcohol served because of election) so we had to stick to mocktails.