Bangalore day 21

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Bangalore day 21

Saturday 22nd August

Still feeling sick from the lunch the day before I slept in until 9.30am the longest I have been allowed stay in bed and the first time I have skipped katary breakfast since arriving. Later that day we went to commercial street where I picked up my dresses from the tailor and miraculously they fit this time. Then we went to a gem gift store where we spent at least two hours looking. I was given two full boxes of earings to look at and the guy changed each pair to suit the style I want. Eventually I got six pairs for under 20euro which for real silver with gems (pearl, onyx, topaz etc) was really good.

Before going in there Lydia had bought some stuff in a store across the way. After the gem store we were chased by the guy in the shopped who apologised after realising he had charged 100rupees too much and wanted to give it back. That certainly wouldn’t happen at home.

Lunch that day was noodles which were one of the best things I have eaten since getting here.

At dinner we went to high note where for the first time we were given the option of fish, chips, pasta and lots of other continental food we had all been craving.

After all settling into some chips and other variations we went home very happy before falling asleep watching sleepy hollow on hbo