Bangalore Day 28

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Bangalore Day 28

Saturday 29 August

An early start as I was woken up by Mary who was having phone difficulties. Thankfully the whole take the battery out and put in again trick worked because it was years since I had worked an old nokia.

Then we went to ooti chocolates where we stocked up on some fine yet inexpensive chocolates to bring home. After that we went to shanti sweets. Although I am not a major fan of them to eat I decided it could be good to bring some home to illustrate the reason behind my lack of sugar intake for the month. Strangely enough I was given a box twice the size of the previous week. My only fear is that it may bring my weight allowance over the limit.

That night I had my last dinner at Katary and for once it was hot. I also got my favourite desert spaghetti rice pudding for desert (which I later found out is actually made with rice noodles)

That night I was kept up my Ganesh yet again. This time he passed right by the house which meant there was a series of firework explosions that shook the house which was pretty scary given that I was there alone.

Eventually I got to sleep and awoke to an early start.