Bangalore day 29

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Bangalore day 29

After a really short nights sleep I was up and ready for the taxi at 2am.

On arriving at the airport I was faced with the dilemma of what could happen if I didnt’ have a seat on the plane. Of course this all came after my freaking out about my online check-in not going through the day before.

At the check-in the guy beside me was arguing because despite having paid the travel agents his booking was still unconfirmed and because the plane was overbooked he had no seat. So not good to hear this.

However when it came to my turn I was also told the plane was overbooked and instead of being in world traveller I got a nice free upgrade (worth about £500) to business class!

It was a nice leisurely trip home. Nice little bit and even a menu to choose what meals I wanted. It was so much nicer than economy class and fine for those who could afford it.

My  menu was.



Chilled fruit juice (of your choice)

An energising fruit smoothie

Fresh seasonal fruit or dry fruit muesli with natural yogurt.

A selection of hot breads and pastries


Full English breakfast

Cheese and leak omelette with potato wedges, mushrooms and baked beans in a tomato.


Salmon and asparagus with chicken tikka julienne wrapped in courgette

or cream cheese in cucumber with melon balls, asparagus with vegetable skewer on plus and apple salsa with idl chaat and red cabbage

(NOTE TO SELF – whatever I was given was not recognisable as  neither of these)

Fresh salad


Lamb stew with garlic mash and buttered broccoli


Garlic crusted tiger prawns with lemon herb sauce, bok-choy and vegetable batons served with parsley saffron and chilli potatoes


Chilled main course salad with ham


Mango and passion fruit with stawberry coulis


a selection of fruit


a selection of cheese.

Arriving in Heathrow I was greeted with the usual rip-off prices and it took some adjusting to the fact that my lunch cost more than it would cost for a group of us to eat in Bangalore.

Time went by and before I knew it it was time to get on the last plane and make my way home. I was greeted by smiling parents and enjoyed an amazing hot shower and some soup before settling down for the night in a nice big double bed with lots of pillows and NO ANTS!

It was good to be home.