Bangalore day 8

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Bangalore day 8

Sunday August 9

Today we got up early and made the most of having a hot shower. Then we went to Café Day for some breakfast. After this it was time to head to Fort Kochi to see the market and then we went to Mattancherry to see the old Dutch architecture.

It was really hot here so we soon decided on lunch. Stopping at a nice busy family restaurant we gave our orders to the waiter (who was aged about 8 at most) enjoying the freshest food since arriving in Kerala we rested for a while before deciding to go to do a backwater tour.

Costing about 450rupees each for the door we really had a bargain. The 5 of us had our own private little boat and tour guide.

The first stop was to a little house where two old Indian women were weaving coconut strings to make rope. The process was really outdated but very cool to watch none the less.

The next stop along the way was to a spice plantation where we were shown nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon and more. We got the chance here to purchase some freshly picked spices.

The final stop on the trip was to a coconut plant where we were given fresh coconuts from the trees. After drinking from them with a straw we then were able to eat the insides. The drink tasted pretty horrible but eating them was pleasant enough.

Because our bus was leaving we had to end the tour there but it would have otherwise lasted another 90 minutes.

The driver kindly dropped us at our hotel where we picked up our bags and headed to the bus station. Before leaving we feasted on some masala dosa and then boarded the bus back to Bangalore. Thankfully no music or movies this time and we all fell asleep for the night. The next morning we arrived back in Bangalore just after 7am.

Quote of the day.

Calum – “its amazing how all these things grow in a jungle”

Tour guide- “its private property”


Differences between Bangalore and Kerala

The streets in Kerala are a lot cleaner and the footpaths a lot better. The weather is a lot warmer also. Auto drivers take pride in their vehicles and decorate them with stickers and signs. The clothing is a lot different also men wear wrap around skirts over trousers in Kerala.