Bangalore day 9

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Bangalore day 9

Monday August 10th.
Today was the same as any other apart from the fact that I hadn’t slept since Thursday night. Arriving home at 8am I didn’t have long to get ready for work.

Work was at first slow while we waited and waited for the editor. After a while we realized that the editor was not coming in and that we had a new temp for a couple of weeks. The new editor quickly gave me a chance to prove myself and sent me off on yet another swine flu story.

The first case of the virus was confirmed in Bangalore so I was challenged to find 3 pharmacies and see if they stocked the drug. I was also to ask parents of school kids what they felt and also ask doctors if they were prepared.

I took an auto back to Thippasandra where I quizzed the pharmacists all of whom had zero interest in swine flu and none of them carried the medication. None of the parents would comment and none of the doctors were open so it was time to move on.

I decided to head to Commercial St to find a third. On my way I passed Frank Anthony school where the case was confirmed I decided to abandon Commercial street and instead got my answers from outside of the school.After that I headed back to the office to complete my story.

That night we went to a temple. This really angered me. The temple cost 3rupees to get in. Then 25 rupees for a pass to take photos then after that it cost more and more every second. They promised if you paid you would be cured. I for one was not parting with my money. I don’t believe in giving money to any religion and they were just playing on peoples weaknesses.

After that it was time for some juice before turning in for the night.