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Course 7 – Getting started with Virtual Reality

Here is the seventh course in a set of 8 courses that feature both on this blog and also over on The EDtech Portal. These screencasts will walk you through Getting started with Virtual Reality. Note: If you want certification for this course you can take it over on The EDtech Portal. Upon completing the…
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Creating a learning game using Unity 3D.

As a follow on from Learning Unity 3D and creating a simple 3D game, I went on to learn a lot more of the features in Unity and completed a second assignment which was to create a learning game. For this second game, I decided to create a simple game whereby students could learn German…
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Learning Unity 3D and creating a simple 3D game.

In 2016 I started the MA in E-Learning Design and Development at CIT. One of the modules was game development, a topic that was very new to me. Having no prior knowledge of the using Unity the module assignments were challenging but not impossible. The first assignment required students to create a basic two level…
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