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Activity 9: Choosing a licence

This activity requires us to research the various creative commons licenses and decide which ones we would attribute to our blog and to justify our choices. Copyright and creative commons licenses are something I have worked with extensively both personally in my work as a journalist and teacher and professionally when teaching my class about…
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Activity 7: Exploring OER issues

For this assessment I was required to read JISC report on OER and also explore the OER Research Hub website and based on my reading come up with three key issues in OER and how they are being addressed. The three key issues I came up with are 1. Access 2. Finance 3. Assessment + Accreditation. Access The first issue…
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H817 – Activity 8 An OER course

The aim of this activity was to investigate OER resources and see which platforms would best suit our needs. To do this we had to create a 5 week course with 5 different topics. Doing this I took my famous ‘digital bootcamp’ and took 5 of the topics I teach. 1. Photo-editing 2. Video-editing 3.…
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H817 – Activity 3 Representing open education

Below are two visual representations of openness in learning. The mindmap looks at the various factors to consider when considering a transformation to open learning. The video explores VLEs + Moocs, Copyright and Project Based learning.   Video OUH2

H817 – ACTIVITY 4 Identifying priorities for research

In this section I will explore three different priorities that should be addressed by an organisation considering using Open Education. 1. The availability of resources? Are there enough third part resources available to suit the organisations needs or will they have to create their own. 2. Training of staff and students? Are students and staff…
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H817 Activity 2 – David Wiley and Cormier exploring Open Education.

For this activity I have been asked to review Wiley’s talk on Open Education  and also Cormier (2013) So the first thing Wiley considers is sharing. When collecting and creating open learning material a few years ago the first barrier I had was one that he also referenced and that was the reluctance to share.…
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H817 Activity 1 – My experience with Open Learning

About my experience with Open Learning I have been using open education since 2005. My first experience with open education was back in college. First with blackboard during my Arts degree shortly followed by Moodle when I was studying for my BA in Journalism. Notes and assessments were handed distributed through these online platforms so…
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