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App Review – Navfree GPS

Today’s App Review is Navfree GPS by Geolife. A friend was recently looking for a good GPS App after their GPS died a tragic death. Instead of forking out €100+ for a new one they decided to try out Apps. We tried out a few different ones. Some worked some didn’t some were unreliable and…
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App Review – Flight Track Pro

Today’s App Review is Flight Track Pro by Mobiata. When taking a trip I always try to find the best deals and in many cases this results in connecting flights. There is nothing more scary than one flight being delayed and not knowing if you will make the next flight and that is the primary…
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App Review – Wezzoo

Today’s App Review is Wezzoo by Wezzoo I am not a big fan of watching weather reports and usually just rely on looking out the window so as a result I obviously don’t use weather Apps or even consider using them. When I saw Wezzoo pop up in the App store I clicked on it…
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App Review – Learn Spanish:

Today’s App Review is Learn Spanish by Babbel. I have recently been working with students to create language podcasts for iTunes U and admittedly I have not made any effort to learn or speak foreign languages since leaving school so you could say I am more than a little bit out of practice. With this…
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App Review – Accu Weather

Today’s App Review is Accu Weather by Accu Weather. I don’t usually pay much attention to the weather forecasts and remember studying climatology in college and being told by the lecturer at the time that no one ever knows what it will really be like. I do however know a lot of people who do…
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App Review – Disney World Magic

Today’s App Review is Disney World Magic by Versa Edge Software A recent trip to Disney Florida had me searching for Apps to help. The parks are so big and I am not a big fan of paper Apps so searched and searched until  I found this one. Many required internet access thankfully this didn’t…
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