Saw VI

4 stars



“This Halloween, his disease is still spreading. The game goes full circle”


In the latest of the Saw series we see some old characters return and also some fresh new faces as they all battle it out against the game to see who can survive. Unlike the previous saw this time we get more story and less gore which is definitely a benefit as we really see the story and the background develop more.

After the death of Jig saw his wife is left a box in his will. The box reveals his final 6 victims and it her job to follow his wishes. As the targeted ones are rounded up we see that this time the main victim of this cruel game is a health insurance broker. In the past he has destroyed peoples lives by refusing payouts. This has resulted in deaths of many including jig saw himself.

He has 60 minutes to live. In this time he has decisions to make all of which see him having other peoples lives in his hands. Who will live and who will die? The highlight of this is definitely the death carosel where he has to choose to kill 4 out of the 6 on his work team. The decision seems too but it is amazing to see how people crack under pressure and do anything to stay alive.

After the 60 minutes is up he escapes and there is a twist to the story. Has his won his game or was it even his own game to win?

With mediocre prerformances by the cast it doesn’t matter. In the end this is a saw movie and good or bad it will still reel in viewers who have seen the five previous ones. The storyline is perhaps the strongest yet and the twist is also well worth it.

It goes without saying that you should never see a saw movie without seeing the previous ones and the same applies here. With flashbacks throughout it could be easy for a newcomer to get lost so I would suggest catching up with previous ones beforehand.

Overall verdict: Definitely one of the better horrors this halloween.


Death carosel



Adventureland (2009)

2 stars



“1987 exciting career opportunities, on the job training, inspiring leadership,the worst job ever, the best time of his life. Adventureland


From the creators of Superbad comes Adventureland but Superbad it is not!

It’s the summer of 1987 and James (Jesse Eisneberg) is a college freshman whose plans of traveling Europe for the summer are destroyed when his father gets demoted. Staying at home he doesn’t like the fact he is going to have to work for his college accommodation in the fall instead of travel with his friends.

With little job experience he finds himself in adventureland a theme park in his home town.

Here he meets Em (Kirsten Stewart) who is struggling to come to terms with her father having a new partner along with other issues.

In this boy meets girl drama James and Em are quite obviously drawn together. Will the boy get the girl?  Will the girl want the guy? Lets just say the ending is somewhat predictable.

While the movie lacks jokes and has little comedy the acting makes up for that. Kirsten Stewart is without a doubt the star of the movie drawing the viewer into her emotions she is far from being Bella (her other current role in Twilight). She too has to face personal struggles. Will she sit back and be used and stay in the theme park forever or will she stand up for herself and move on with her life.

Other cast members include Math Bush (Halloween II) as Frigo and Michael Zegen (The girl next door) as Eric.

One of the highlights of this movie is the soundtrack which is compiled of hits from the 80’s. Songs by Bowie, Lou Reed and The Cure bring you back and make this movie more realistic to the time.







Sorority Row (2009)

4 stars copy

“A prank, no one would ever forget. A secret, no one would ever tell. Sisters for life and death”

A prank gone wrong could change peoples life forever or it could just disappear as if it never happened. Things are not always able to disappear. What may appear as just another teen horror flick Sorority Row is actually a whole lot better.

What happens if someone betrays your sister. You get revenge. What happens when the guy things your lies are real and he makes the fantasy nightmare real. What do you do. You fight.

Although named Sorority Row this movie could just have easily have been called I know what you did last summer. Our I know what you did last house party or something like that because the basic plot is exactly the same as the movies from the 90’s.

This aside it does have some great acting. There are bits when you are sitting there thinking how stupid are these girls. But hey they are sorority sisters they don’t have to be intelligent. The group is made up of a mix of girls the blonde, the geak, the pretty one.. and like other groups this is the deciding factor in how they are killed.

No gore is spared and although being killed with a tire iron may appear to be a boring way to watch someone die it really is not.

The plot may be cliche but that doesn’t mean you know the killer. Seconds before you find out you find yourself thinking could it be him/her. And trying to convince yourself that no way could that be possible it does land as a shock when you find out.

The cast included Rumer Willis in one of her first big screen lead roles. She is not the smartest or prettiest and takes a bit of a back seat compared to the other sorority girls. Other cast members included Brianna Evigan (Step up 2) as Cassidy and Leah Pipes (Life is Wild) as Jessica.

Overall verdict : A movie that started with a pillow fight and ended with a pile of dead bodies could have been a disaster but somehow they pulled it off.

Fame (2009)


3 stars



“In New York city there is a school, where any dream is possible. This Autumn welcome to love, friendship, heartbreak, passion. FAME


This movie brought about less publicity than expected and in the end just seemed to die away. Back in the day of Save the Last Dance and Centre Stage movies like this well sold out with young teenage girls queuing up for all the extras soundtracks, t-shirts etc etc etc

There were good bits but the main failure of Fame was that it was too short to develop any of the characters.

We see the pianist whose parents insisted on her playing classical yet she ended up singing rap.

We see the boy whose mother does not believe in his talent and he lies telling her he is studying in public school

We see the girl whose affraid to let go of her inhibitions and live life.

Thats all these characters are in the end boys and girls. Do we know them well enough to remember their names? I think not.

This is the school that everyone wants to go to, it is full of talented actors and singers, musicians and dancers. The movie should have given a face to these names but it failed to do so. This was the first time some of these young actors got to play a main role. Do we recognise them from before no? And will be recognise them in the future from their performance in this movie. Hardly not.

The movie was extremely watered down. There is nothing wrong with detail but this just seemed to skim through the three years of their school lives without giving them a chance to develop.

Negativity aside there were some excellent performances by Naturi Naughton (Denise) and Kherington Payne. However with older cast members such as Megan Mullally (Ms Rowan), Kelsey Grammer (Mr Cranston) and Charles S Dutton (Mr Dowd) there could have been a proper show.

The soundtrack is ok and the final track ‘Hold you dream” definitely steals the show but old favourites such as “Fame” are barely given recognition.

Overall verdict: If you want a good musical watch the original. If you want High school musical watch this.





Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 3d


3 stars



“This autumn feast you eyes and taste the adventure”

With voices by big names such as Bruce Campbell ( Mayor Shelbourne) Mr T (Earl) and Lauren Graham (Fran) this move was bound to be a success and it certainly is.

Based on the best selling book by Judi Barrett the story of inventor Flint Lockwood takes place in Swallow Falls a once busy but now dying tourist town. Known for its sardine trade it attracted loads of visitors but that is the past and now the only ones eating sardines are the locals. .  Flint takes this opportunity to add to his inventions. Creating a machine that delivers breakfast, lunch and dinner from the clouds gives him the publicity he always wanted and for once it is good publicity. It also gives his weathergirl girlfriend the chance to make her break in the world of news.

It isn’t long before people become greedy however and this is surely to be a recipe for disaster. Scenes filled with ice-cream, spaghetti and pizza soon become replaced by visions of life sized hot dogs and donuts. Can Flint save the day before its too late or will he just have his piece of cake and eat it

An excellent movie for all ages Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is colorful, energetic and funny.

However the 3d was the worst I have seen. 3d movies like Beowulf, Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline and even horrors like My Bloody Valentine leave you with the wow factor. However Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs suffers from extremely poor 3d. There are moments throughout where you have to say to yourself and remind yourself that the movie is in fact in 3d. There is nothing to surprise you to wow you. What could be better than some ice-cream coming towards the audience or some donuts or even hot dogs. But no this doesn’t happen.

Overall verdict: A must see but save your save the extra and don’t bother with the 3d.

Orphan (2009)

4 stars

“There’s something wrong with Esther, you’ll never guess her secret”.

Watching the trailers it is impossible to tell whether this is going to be really really good or really really awful. Thankfully it was really great.After a family tragedy the Coleman decide that they should give their love to an orphan. Arriving at the orphanage for the first time it is not long before Kate and John are won over by 9 year old Esther. Her art skills and politeness mean that it doesn’t take much else for them to adopt her. It all seems so easy. She is the perfect child. Or is she?

After arriving home things seem perfect apart from a little jealousy from older boy Daniel everyone seems welcoming and Esther forms and instant bond with her new younger sister Max and is eager to learn sign language so that they can communicate.

It is not long before things seem odd. Why is Esther so private about bathing and her belongings? What is with the ribbons on her neck and wrists? Why is she getting into fights at school? Did that girl really slip in the playground or was she pushed? And where has Sister Abigail disappeared to?

It is not long before we learn that Esther will do anything for a family. She will take out anything or anyone that threatens her? Are these really the actions of a child or could there be something more to it?

The mystery unveils and one family has to accept that Esther may not be the perfect child. She has secrets in her hidden past. Secrets that may kill.

The acting in the movie is superb. The star of the show was definitely Aryana Engineer who played the youngest of the Coleman kids. Acting the part of Max Aryana who is deaf in real life was just seven. She played a part that most adults would find challenging. We will definitely be seeing more of her in the future.

Isabelle Fuhrman also played the part of Esther remarkably well. It was clearly a tough job for a 12 year old although it is going to be hard to see her as anyone other than evil Ester in future roles.

Other cast members are played by Vera Farmiga (The Departed and Boy in the Stripped Pajamas),CCH Pounder (Avatar, Law and Order SVU, ER) and Peter Sarsgaard (The Skeleton Key, Law and Order)

Overall view. Expect the unexpected.

Triangle (2009)

1 star

You enter a place you have never been, everything you see you have seen before”.

Triangle starring Melissa George best known for here part as Angel in Home and Away during the 1990’s is one of those films where all the best bits are shown in the trailer and the trailer would be good enough for the average viewer.

October is a time where it doesn’t take much to make a horror movie do well. But Triangle needed just that bit more put into it.  A bunch of friends go on a boat trip, during a story their boat sinks, they board an abandoned ship. They die. That’s it!

The film tells the all time message that no matter what you do you cannot change the past. That is the only way to describe the extremely repetitive drama.

If you are expecting to be on the edge of your seats and covering your eyes to hide images of a serial killer then you are not going to the right movie.

George is possibly the best known of the small cast and puts up a good performance. From the moment her character appears you can tell something is just not quite right. Appearing distant and depressed her character gives you the sense that something’s up. However this act continues throughout the film and by the end becomes very irritating and I just wanted to shake her to get some life into her.

Other cast members include Emma Lung as Heather, Rachel Carpani as Sally and Michael Dorman as Greg non of whom bring much to the movie.

There are times when you think how stupid can people be, boarding a ship where no one is onboard. This however makes you think something good will come. Perhaps a troop of pirates will hack them all up and eat them for supper. Right? No think again!

There are times in this movie where you may be tempted to leave the theatre. If this happens do not give it a second thought. If you leave you will miss nothing other than the repetitiveness of the scenes being replayed over and over.

Overall verdict – extremely disappointing.

Bangalore day 29

After a really short nights sleep I was up and ready for the taxi at 2am.

On arriving at the airport I was faced with the dilemma of what could happen if I didnt’ have a seat on the plane. Of course this all came after my freaking out about my online check-in not going through the day before.

At the check-in the guy beside me was arguing because despite having paid the travel agents his booking was still unconfirmed and because the plane was overbooked he had no seat. So not good to hear this.

However when it came to my turn I was also told the plane was overbooked and instead of being in world traveller I got a nice free upgrade (worth about £500) to business class!

It was a nice leisurely trip home. Nice little bit and even a menu to choose what meals I wanted. It was so much nicer than economy class and fine for those who could afford it.

My  menu was.



Chilled fruit juice (of your choice)

An energising fruit smoothie

Fresh seasonal fruit or dry fruit muesli with natural yogurt.

A selection of hot breads and pastries


Full English breakfast

Cheese and leak omelette with potato wedges, mushrooms and baked beans in a tomato.


Salmon and asparagus with chicken tikka julienne wrapped in courgette

or cream cheese in cucumber with melon balls, asparagus with vegetable skewer on plus and apple salsa with idl chaat and red cabbage

(NOTE TO SELF – whatever I was given was not recognisable as  neither of these)

Fresh salad


Lamb stew with garlic mash and buttered broccoli


Garlic crusted tiger prawns with lemon herb sauce, bok-choy and vegetable batons served with parsley saffron and chilli potatoes


Chilled main course salad with ham


Mango and passion fruit with stawberry coulis


a selection of fruit


a selection of cheese.

Arriving in Heathrow I was greeted with the usual rip-off prices and it took some adjusting to the fact that my lunch cost more than it would cost for a group of us to eat in Bangalore.

Time went by and before I knew it it was time to get on the last plane and make my way home. I was greeted by smiling parents and enjoyed an amazing hot shower and some soup before settling down for the night in a nice big double bed with lots of pillows and NO ANTS!

It was good to be home.

Bangalore Day 28

Saturday 29 August

An early start as I was woken up by Mary who was having phone difficulties. Thankfully the whole take the battery out and put in again trick worked because it was years since I had worked an old nokia.

Then we went to ooti chocolates where we stocked up on some fine yet inexpensive chocolates to bring home. After that we went to shanti sweets. Although I am not a major fan of them to eat I decided it could be good to bring some home to illustrate the reason behind my lack of sugar intake for the month. Strangely enough I was given a box twice the size of the previous week. My only fear is that it may bring my weight allowance over the limit.

That night I had my last dinner at Katary and for once it was hot. I also got my favourite desert spaghetti rice pudding for desert (which I later found out is actually made with rice noodles)

That night I was kept up my Ganesh yet again. This time he passed right by the house which meant there was a series of firework explosions that shook the house which was pretty scary given that I was there alone.

Eventually I got to sleep and awoke to an early start.

Bangalore day 27

Friday 28 August

Today we had an early start to go to see some tiggers. Ann and her husband had returned from their trip to Hampi so we went on a safari for the day. It was the first time I rode a real public bus an experience which although not as unpleasant as we had thought was an experience we would not repeat.

At the park we got to see some lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). There were so many bears and we got a great view of the tigers too but we were disappointed by there only being two lions which were not clearly visible from the track.

That night we went to high note again where I was embarrassingly recognised as a regular. Then home to pack which is when I first realised I could leech into a neighbours broadband. If only I had found out sooner in the month.monkey at the zoo