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Bangalore day 29

After a really short nights sleep I was up and ready for the taxi at 2am. On arriving at the airport I was faced with the dilemma of what could happen if I didnt’ have a seat on the plane. Of course this all came after my freaking out about my online check-in not going…
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Bangalore Day 28

Saturday 29 August An early start as I was woken up by Mary who was having phone difficulties. Thankfully the whole take the battery out and put in again trick worked because it was years since I had worked an old nokia. Then we went to ooti chocolates where we stocked up on some fine…
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Bangalore day 27

Friday 28 August Today we had an early start to go to see some tiggers. Ann and her husband had returned from their trip to Hampi so we went on a safari for the day. It was the first time I rode a real public bus an experience which although not as unpleasant as we…
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Bangalore day 26

Thursday 27 August My last day in MiD-DAY and how happy I was that it was. The new editor reprimanded me for going to the co-ordinator because I was not being given work to do. This was my first encounter with him so how was I supposed to get work. He gave me an article…
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Bangalore day 25

Wednesday 26 August Today yet another fruitful day at MiD-DAY. I ended up leaving early and we went to try and get an open bus tour of the city. According to our lonely planet they do exist but finding the address we were informed the company stopped operating in 2007. Instead we headed to the Big…
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Bangalore day 24

Tuesday 25 August Today was yet another boring day at MiD-DAY. In the afternoon I did get a story to find some billionaires daughter on facebook. They said I she went to Stanford university and I should try and find one of her friends or see if any of my friends knew someone that knew…
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Bangalore day 23

Monday 24 August Another boring day in MiD-DAY the editor from week 1 quit, her replacement from weeks 2 and 3 aslo quit so now got no one. I sat bored in the office with nothing to do for 7 hours before leaving early. That night the others got henna on their hands and feet…
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Bangalore day 22

Sunday 23rd August Today was the last day for  many of the volunteers so we just took it easy in the morning before going for breakfast.  In the afternoon we swapepd photographx. Later that night we went to visit ganesh for the ganesh festival.

Bangalore day 21

Saturday 22nd August Still feeling sick from the lunch the day before I slept in until 9.30am the longest I have been allowed stay in bed and the first time I have skipped katary breakfast since arriving. Later that day we went to commercial street where I picked up my dresses from the tailor and…
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Bangalore day 20

Friday 21st August. Today we sneaked down for breakfast fearful of what Mrs Katary would say about our hampi disaster. She completed ignored it and we ended up telling her. Surprisingly she didn’t get angry. That day I spent the day with Daniel. We went to MG road to the book store where we bought…
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